Rubberized Coir Basket Liners/Mulch Mats/Weed Mats/Coir Sheets


This is a natural rubberized coir pad, circular in shape with a hole in the middle, making it easier to go around the trunk of a plant.  These rubberized Basket liners can be used inside hanging pots and the liners that are used will also greatly impact the aesthetic appeal of the hanging coir pots. 

By using the correct liner it can also help to ensure that plants thrive, as it retains moisture for longer periods of time. This makes the Replacement Molded Coconut Basket Liner an ideal choice for your hanging basket, as it will increase airflow to the soil while providing a handsome, natural base for your planter. Fashioned out of genuine coconut coir, a made to order extra thick liner is 22 inches wide and 9-1/2 inches deep.