Floating Gardens


Floating gardens improve the aesthetic qualities of surrounding environments of the habitats of humans, animals and of plants. Ideally, these should be used wherever a medium of stagnant water is freely available, such as Ponds, Lakes, Millponds, Dew Ponds and Fountains be they natural or artificial. FG’s could be used to enhance the beauty and the quality of its immediate environs with the growth of micro organisms and fish culture. Floating gardens are made of a permanent floating section and a temporary non-floating section. The permanent floating section is made out of a very sturdy PVC structure and is designed to float and carry a load. This forms the core structure and on the top, PVC pipes with small dimensions are used to give the final form to the FG. On top of the form, giving structure to the non-floating biodegradable environment friendly Coir logs and the blankets, smallrubberized Coir pots for planting are fixed. A Geo blanket is then fixed to the centre part of the island and a loose geo blanket is provided for the purpose of growing plants at the nursery level and to be relayed on the top. The outer periphery of the form giving structure is lined with geo rolls with embedded Coir pots.