Plant Coir Grow Bags


Coco peat  is used as a fertilizer for horticulture, greenhouse as a growing medium and hydroponics growing etc., The Coco Peat is moulded into a specific shape with a PP lining which is called a “Grow Bag” made to ensure that the plant is grown within the bag.

Having more than thirty five years  of experience, we have gained considerable  knowledge of the market and carved out the strategies to accomplish its goal in this sphere of  business. Timely delivery of goods and the ability to grasp the client's requirements, and our international presence has been possible because of our dedication and commitment towards producing quality products and delivering them on time. 

Grow are used by our customers for;

  • Strawberry Coco Coir Grow Bags
  • Tomato Coco Coir Grow Bags
  • Pepper | Capsicum Coco Coir Grow Bags
  • Cucumber | Courgette | Zuccini Coco  Coir Grow Bags
  • Cut Flower | Gerbera | Orchid | Statice | Chrysanthemums Coco Coir Grow Bags