Geo Rolls with Coir Netting


(Coir fiber stuffed Bio Logs/Coir Fascine)

These rolls are made out of 100% Coir fiber, stuffed into a handknotted net bag. The density of the roll depends on the diameter of the roll and the weight of the stuffed fiber. The durability of the roll depends largely on the hand knotted geo net cover. Due to its heavy nature, and its flexible character, the rolls can be installed very easily along almost any soil gradient, to prevent soil erosion and sedimentation. The Coir fibers in the geo log absorb 180% of its own weight in moisture. It is also slow in the bio-degradation process, and finally it helps in the creation of a micro-environment for a healthy vegetative growth. It can also be used as a vegetative log to enhance and improve stability, and to facilitate vegetation, which eventually contributes towards long term prevention of erosion. Geo-logs can be used for the prevention of erosion, against wind, wave erosions of shore lines of river and stream embankments (water fronts). These logs absorb and reduce the effective forces created by waves and wind. For various flow conditions such as the height of flow of water, high velocity and high intermittent flow in channels, stream or river banks, a combination of a number of geo rolls with geo nets or blankets can be designed to provide a very stable series of efficient walls or earth retention and erosion and sediment control structures.

Ideally used for;

  • River banks and lake fronts
  • Wetland erosion
  • Steep batters and sand dunes
  • Straw bale alternative
  • Swail drains
  • Building sites
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