Coir Geo Bed/Blanket


This product, which is 100% Coir & natural rubber latex, is environmentally friendly and totally biodegradable over a period of time. It is ideal for bio technical, and soil bio engineering applications. It is designed to be used as a top soil cover to prevent erosion of soil and enhance the biological aspects of engineering.

It has good strength, and stability to use for high gradient slopes. It’s top cover is a coir fiber woven net which helps in reducing the surface flow velocity and forms an area to protect any vegetative growth.

The design factors should embody biological, ecological and engineering concepts to provide living, functioning systems to prevent erosion, control sedimentation and earth stabilization.

Both biological and the mechanical components will function in this application. This form of rolled erosion control blanket provides attractive, cost effective, and environmentally compatible solutions, to protect slopes against surface erosion. It is simple and easy to lay, with least amount of manpower. Eventually biological organism breaks down the fibers. This break down matter will give much needed mulch that will eventually degrade to a composite like substance.

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