Silt Fence with High Density Coir Matting


The Silt Fence is made of machine woven, spun twine, where the matting is tightly woven and has a 200kg Weight per SqMt, thus giving it an excellent `rigid’ body with a high tensile strength of 60kg/cm (290 lbs/in). It can prevent and arrest small sand particles from penetration and is therefore a good material to prevent sedimentation.

The material is flexible enough to ‘work around’ at a site while the Coir matting silt fence still allows water seepage to take place though it reduces the forces created by the runoff water. It is superior in permeability and water flow rates wherein, it filters the water and retains only the silt. With initial proper installation of the fence, the subsequent maintenance of it is negligible. The Coir matting silt fence can also be ingeniously applied for the protection of inlet drainage gully or other similar perimeter control works etc.

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