Coir Rope Matting


The rope matting is designed initially for the mountain leisure walk paths in Korea because of its environmental and eco friendly characteristics. Its ropes are made out of 100% coir fibers. 18 coir twines are twisted into a rope of length, equal to 13 meters approx. Each twisted rope is approx 15 mm in diameter. Warp has 48 ropes/1 meter width and weft has 34 ropes per 1 meter width. The woven matting has an average overall thickness of 25-30 mm. The weight per m² is approx 5.50 kg The tensile strength of a rope is approx 450 kg. The tensile strength of a rope mat in length(warp) direction – 20,000 kg. The durability in the open air environment is expected to be over 3 years.


  • Building safety protection matting(netting)
  • Prevent boulders from falling by anchoring
  • Steep earth slip preventive cover
  • Swimming pool edge covers for the prevention of slipping.
  • Ideal River, stream embankment stabilization mat.
  • Backyard house gardens natural wall separation where plants could grow easily.
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